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Cyprus is well known for its beauty and warm climate, as well as its strategic location as a gateway to Europe. The laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere has put Cyprus on the map, both as a popular tourist destination and as one of the best places in Europe for a comfortable family lifestyle.


Cyprus is large enough to have bustling town centres, extensive shopping and modern restaurants, yet everything is a convenient distance away. Blue flag beaches with turquoise water, mountain waterfalls… it’s even possible to ski and sunbathe on the same winter’s day. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, picturesque alpine forests with unique monasteries, quaint wineries, and unspoilt villages to experience the traditional way of Cypriot life.


Relics from every era – Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th century frescoes – give repeated hints of the island’s rich culture and, above all, adaptability. This is a place where modern resort life and amenities such as beach clubs, seaside tavernas, international cuisine restaurants and water sports seem as natural to the island as its more traditional pursuits.

Quality of Life

High quality of life is undoubtedly one of Cyprus’ most compelling advantages. Notably, the island was ranked 5th best relocation destination worldwide in the 2013 Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review, while Limassol, the island’s second-largest city, was ranked 4th best retirement destination globally in the 2016 Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review.


Apart from its natural beauty, Cyprus offers a very safe environment, with low stress levels and crime rates – ideal for a peaceful family life. Acknowledging the island’s safety and security standards, ValuePenguin ranked Cyprus 5th worldwide and 1st among smaller countries in its Safest Countries in the World review for 2015.


Third country nationals relocating to Cyprus do not have to worry about language or education. English is widely spoken in Cyprus, and most Cypriots are bilingual.
The country offers excellent multilingual educational institutions, where courses are taught in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Armenian and other languages.


Limassol lifestyle

Limassol is a bustling, vibrant seaside city, located on the island’s southern coast. It has been ranked among the top 100 cities in the world in which to live, because it offers good business infrastructure, a variety of foreign banks, luxury international brand boutiques, and excellent schools, making it a very accommodating and easy city for any foreigner to work and reside in.


It is a sophisticated, cultured and active port city rivalling those in France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Limassol has always been home to many foreign nationals, most of whom enjoy the cosmopolitan ‘home away from home’ environment thanks to the weather and culture. Limassol has a full calendar of events and festivals, and offers a wealth of variety, from bustling markets to relaxing retreats; from UNESCO World Heritage sites and museums to fashionable boutiques and art galleries; 5-star hotels, restaurants and lively taverns of every style and ambience.



The government of Cyprus, as part of its official policy to attract foreign investors to Cyprus, has established new financial criteria based on which all nationalities are eligible for Cypriot citizenship by investment. Cypriot citizenship improves personal security, enables freedom of movement and grants access to healthcare and education opportunities. There is no physical residency requirement, no language assessment exam, no medical test or interview, and passports can be issued to the investor, his/her spouse and dependent children up to age 28, provided they are enrolled in full-time education. Since citizenship is passed on by descent, you can offer a legacy to your future generations.

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

6 months
Time to citizenship
157 countries
VISA-free travel
3 years
Exit strategy
residency requirement
All nationalities
Tax consequences