Krasnovidovo Manors

An environmentally clean area and sustainable Krasnavidovo Manors residential development is located on the shores of the Mozhaisk reservoir in the region of Moscow.



The Krasnovidovo Manors complex is located in 101 hectares of parkland some 120 km from Moscow, on the shores of the Mozhaisk reservoir. The area is known for its natural beauty and as a unique destination for active family pastimes, strolls, boating and yachting.



The 127 residential buildings have been built in a modern interpretation of old Russian manor-style architecture of the late 19th century. The resort offers lush green parkland and recreational areas, a helipad, summer cinema, music pavilion, boat dock, children’s club, authentic cuisine restaurant by the pond, sports facilities and beach bar.



Resort parkland is divided into separate quarters for the residents’ privacy and convenience. The Mozhaisk reservoir is well known as a popular spot for hiking, kayaking, bird watching, fishing, hunting and mushroom-picking.